30 Jun 2015

German Ships part of the mission

On 30 June 2015, two German warships, the frigate”Schleswig-Holstein” and the supply-ship  ”Werra“ entered the Operation EUNAVFOR MED.

With a highly-trained crew, many of whom have extensive experience of sea military operations, ”Schleswig-Holstein” and ”Werra“will be deployed in the southern part of the central Mediterranean as part of Germany’s commitment to the European Union’s efforts to disrupt the business model of the human smugglers.

The two warships reached the area of operation and, accordingly with the objectives of the first phase of EUNAVFOR MED, started their operational activities.

Equipped with modern technological communication systems, the frigate ”Schleswig-Holstein” is fit for a broad range of maritime operations while the “Werra” is a supply unit whose main task is logistic support in terms of fuel, food and water.

Factsheet on Frigate Schleswig-Holstein pdf - 177 KB [177 KB]

Factsheet onTender Werra pdf - 155 KB [155 KB]