14 Dec 2018

Operation SOPHIA: training on diving ends in Split

Croatia completes a “Ship’s Divers Basic Course” for Libyan Coastguard and Navy

Today, 14th December 2018, in the Navy Training Centre of Split (Croatia), a training module in favour of five trainees managed by EUNAVFOR Med Operation Sophia and focused on “Ship’s Divers Basic Course” has been completed.

The course, hosted by the Croatian Navy, lasted 5 weeks, was focused on diving procedures and techniques in order to be able to conduct vessel underwater maintenance operations. The course also included some lessons regarding International Human Rights, Basic First Aid and Gender Policy.

Finally, all the trainees successfully passed the module and up to now the threshold of 325 Libyan Coastguard and Navy personnel trained by EUNAVFOR Med has been reached.

The closure ceremony took place at Split Navy Training Centre in the presence of the Chief of the Croatian Navy Training Centre, the Chief of Training Branch of SOPHIA’s OHQ and a Libyan delegation composed of 4 senior officers.

From October 2016, SOPHIA has been fully involved in the training of the Libyan Navy and Coastguard; the aim of the training is to improve security of the Libyan territorial waters and the Libyan Coastguard and Navy ability to perform their duties, including search and rescue activities to save lives at sea in their area of responsibility.