08 May 2019

EU OPEN DAY 2019 in Brussels with EUNAVFOR MED.

Last 4th of May the European Union held its traditional Open Day in Brussels. The EU institutions in Brussels and many of the EU’s 140 Delegations and offices around the world open their doors each year to mark Schuman Day on 9 May, the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of 1950, when the French foreign minister Robert Schuman proposed a joint authority to oversee French and German production of coal and steel.  For the fourth year EUNAVFOR MED OP SOPHIA (ENFM) was part of it with a specific stand, in EEAS building – Schuman Roundabout. It was an exciting day where SOPHIA personnel welcomed a huge number of people and multi-ethnic families very interested to better know the EU Maritime operation in the Med. In particular, the Sophia team was there to provide all the detailed information concerning the first four years of the Operation, focused on disrupting the business model of migrant smugglers and human traffickers, contributing to EU efforts for the return of stability and security in Libya and the Central Mediterranean region. The event was organized to capture children’s curiosity through dedicated initiatives and thanks to other particular activities involved adults too.  Many thanks to all our visitors, very interested in having news and appreciating the possibility to get in touch with some qualified EUNAVFOR Med staff.