23 Jul 2018

Operation SOPHIA: training activity in progress

A Training Package 2 module for Libyan Coastguard and Navy ended in Cartagena (Spain)

Last 20th July, in the Navy Training Centre (Escuela de Infanteria de Marina “General Albacete y Fuster”) of CARTAGENA (SPAIN), ended the module of Training Package 2 at the presence of  EUNAVFOR Med Captain (IT Navy) Massimiliano MARRETTI, Colonel de Infanteria de Marina Enrique A. MONTERO RUIZ and Medical Colonel Manuel RUIZ ALONSO.

The 26 selected trainees started concretely the teaching program on 02nd July. After a general introduction of the course and its objectives.

The course, hosted by Spanish Navy, lasted 3 weeks, and included: origin and development of the communication on maritime and naval environment, International Human Rights, Basic First Aid, Gender Policy and some lessons of Basic English.

With the positive conclusion of this course, up to now the threshold of 237 Libyan Coastguard and Navy personnel trained by EUNAVFOR Med has been reached.

Other training modules ashore are foreseen in Italy, Croatia and other EU member states in favour of a huge number of trainees.

From October 2016, SOPHIA is fully involved in the training of the Libyan Navy and Libyan Coastguard; the aim of the training is to improve security of the Libyan territorial waters and the Libyan Coastguard and Navy ability to perform the duties in their territorial waters, including search and rescue activities to save lives at sea.