27 Sep 2019

SHADE MED 2-2019

The 8th edition of Shared Awareness and De-confliction for the Mediterranean Sea (SHADE MED) was held in Rome at the Francesco Baracca Italian airbase, Rome (Italy), on 25 and 26 September 2019.

The forum was opened by Vice Admiral Enrico Credendino, operation SOPHIA Commander, who welcomed an outstanding participation of 200 attendees, from 30 different countries and 100 organizations who took part in this second SHADE MED event of 2019.

SHADE MED is a forum where military and civilian representatives from nations and organizations interested in or impacted by the migratory phenomenon in the Mediterranean sea can meet to discuss and share knowledge and de-conflict to coordinate their activities, to achieve the maximum efficiency and effectiveness in managing objectives related to the migratory phenomenon at sea.

These SHADE MED events are just an example of how we can shape constructive dialogue and interaction between relevant civilian and military actors who share common interests in the Central Mediterranean area,” underlined Admiral Credendino in his opening remarks. Sophia continues its effective action by monitoring the Central Mediterranean area using its air assets and acting upon the capacity building process of the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy, while coordinating their training with the support of European Member States,” he continued.